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Why Bringing Blue Into Your Home is Good For Your Health

The colour blue is not just a colour trend for your home, it's a lifestyle. Scientifically proven to induce relaxation, a blue base for your home can help you chill out subconsciously. Blue is one of the most prominent colours in our natural world so it's easy to see why blue is such an important colour to incorporate into your homes.

Blue colours can be used in any room of your house for an elegant look that will make your space feel luxurious, calm and welcoming. Blue has a very versatile palette, with many shades that can work well alongside each other.  You can also use blue to create different moods in your home, from a pale, serene blue to evoke calmness to a vibrant royal blue to add an impact or a focal point.  Blue will also work well alongside other colours that may be difficult to pair with like orange.  Due to the calming nature of blue, it’s a great colour to use in the bedroom.

If you're still wondering how to incorporate this colour into your home decor, don't worry—we've got some ideas for you!

Window Treatments

An easy and impactful way to bring blue into your home is through window treatments. If you want to add a pop of colour to your living room or dining room, consider using blue curtains or blinds.  Blue won’t overwhelm your room as long as it’s balanced with enough neutral tones.  If your walls are painted a variety of colours, blue curtains or blinds would be a great choice due to its versatility and its ability to pair with other colours.


Cushions are a fantastic way to integrate colour into your home.  Mixing and matching different shades of blue, or bringing blue through an ocean design onto your cushions can benefit your mind too.  Water is known to be calming, so what better way to relax than against a comfortable soft cushion.  Throw cushions are especially great for the summer. You can use them to make your furniture more comfortable, and they can help you beat the heat by adding a nice splash of colour to your patio or porch. 

Blue Weathered Wood Cushions

Wall Prints

If you're looking for a way to bring some blue into your living room, inexpensive wall art is definitely worth a look.  You can bring different sizes, colours and words together to create a feature wall.  These pieces can range from simple prints of watercolours or photographs taken on beaches to more complex pieces that incorporate other colours as well as textures like shells and seaweed.  Again, an ocean theme could work well here as it can provide many health benefits too.  Gazing out to sea can help relieve stress by inducing a mediative state.  Studies have shown that being in and around water, including lakes and swimming pools can help to counteract the stresses brought on by modern life and technologies.  If fact research has shown that even looking at pictures of the sea and water sources can help people feel calmer. 

 Seascape Prints from Cheernetic

Imagine walking into your room and seeing a stunning view of the beach or the ocean every day. It would be so relaxing, wouldn't it? 



Paint your walls blue! This is one of the easiest ways to introduce this calming colour into your home decor. You can go bold with a bright shade like cobalt or navy blue, or keep things more  subtle with a light grey-blue hue like robin's egg blue or powder blue.


What makes blue a good colour to paint your bedroom or home?

The colour blue is often associated with nature and the sky—which makes sense! But did you know that blue has a lot more to offer than just that? The colour has been shown to have a soothing effect on people and even help us stay focused when we're trying to study or work. It also can help us feel more awake and alert during the day if we're feeling tired or fatigued.

So if you're looking for a way to bring that feeling into your home, consider painting your bedroom or living room soft blue tones. This will help you achieve those same feelings of peace and relaxation without ever having to leave your house!


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