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How to add colour to your home using cushions.

Are you in the middle of choosing colour combinations for your home?

Well, adding a little colour to your home’s interior can be somewhat of an overwhelming task because of the immense amount of available shades and most importantly, what each of them represents.

Apart from conveying a visual impact, colour can have a substantial effect on your everyday psychology and emotional response. Therefore, it’s really important that you know about them and select the best colour combinations for your home. 

In order to sprinkle the freshness of new colour patterns in your home’s interior, cushions really are your best friends. Why? It’s simple: They are an affordable, extremely easy and quick way to liven up any space with colour! Here are a few cushion colours that we think will go well in about any interior. You’ll be amazed to know what they represent, how each of them can influence your mood and make you feel. Let’s start.



Blue Watercolour Cushions

Portraying a sense of safety, blue is the colour that instils peace and composure, things important to lead a stable life. It is one of the most famous shades in the world when it comes to interior decoration and colour selection. A lot of people consider it to be great for both the mind and body, helping you bring down your stress levels, calming the heart rate down and easing the blood pressure. Our collection of blue cushions are an excellent addition to any interior that wants to go above the ordinary and exhibit competence, faith, loyalty and trust. From wood patterns to watercolour textures, there are prints of every smart design in blue ready to make a soothing impression for your interior and give a comforting outlook. 


Pineapple Cushion

The pink colour is one of the most interesting choices available with us because of the complexity it brings with itself. Pink is the colour of love, sincerity and compassion, exhibiting sentiments between femininity and sophistication, depending on the hue. Our pink selection of cushions is a great way to add some comfort to your dining or living room, paving way for an ambient, feel-good atmosphere. From light pink hues to darker and more solid shades, our printed cushions are an excellent choice to enhance a nurturing effect inside a child’s room or to give a touch of glamour to a girly teenager’s couch. Apart from that, pink is also an amazing choice to impart sweetness with blush pink covers or to cultivate erudition with the more classic prints.


Good Morning Beautiful Cushion

It goes without saying; green is the sigil of nature and represents our roots as a species. Green helps in healing and introduces an invigorating spirit to every place, all while being extremely gentle to the eyes. Its hues symbolise serenity, safety and poise, transcending every sort of freshness and promoting growth. If you place one of our green cushions on your living room’s couch or put it on a bed or chair somewhere, it will help you feel safe emotionally. Green is so versatile that every other shade brings out something new, allowing you a lot of room to experiment for your interior.  

What ever your colour preferences are for your home, you can find some inspiration at

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