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Using Green In Your Home - A Hit Interior Design Trend For A Calming Space

If you’re looking for an interior that is both stunning and serene, look no further than the calming colour of green!

Green is a vibrant, refreshing hue. It can easily transform your space into a soothing sanctuary and instantly uplift moods and spirits. There are multiple other benefits of using this beautiful shade in your home, too. So, let’s delve into these, plus learn how to incorporate green in your interior!

Benefits Of Using Green In Your Home

What’s the first thing that pops up to your mind when we say green? … Nature.

And what does nature symbolise? Peace and calmness. Power and strength.

And these attributes are what green introduces to your interior. Let’s dive into different shades of green and shed light on their individual benefits:

  • Lime green: encourages creativity and cheerfulness
  • Olive green: promotes peace
  • Grass green: symbolises self-confidence and security
  • Dark green: promotes ambitions and wealth
  • Emerald green: represents general well-being and symbolises luxury

  • How Green Makes You Feel

    Green is associated with the essence of nature — which reduces stress and instigates pleasant feelings. It evokes feelings of abundance, and gives a sense of peace and security. 

    The colour green also makes you feel more rested, refreshed, and rejuvenated. It depicts growth and new beginnings, and hence has a motivating factor associated with it, too. 

    How To Add Green To Your Home

    You know the benefits of using green in your home — but how exactly can you use it in your space? Let’s find out!

    Inexpensive Ways To Add Punches Of Green

    There are a plethora of inexpensive ways to add green to your home. These are especially helpful if you’re working around a budget.

    Painting is a relatively cheap way to introduce a considerable change — so if you’re in for a massive upgrade at a low price point, consider painting your walls green. Light hues are recommended if you’re going for an all-green interior, while one accent wall would suffice with darker hues.

    A quick and easy-to-change upgrade is mounting green wall prints to your space. These could be botanical prints, digital art, and more.


    Monstera Print

    Additionally, you can incorporate green through your soft furnishings. Examples include:

    • Laying down a green rug
    • Using green bedding
    • Tossing green cushions onto your sofa

    Botanical Palm Leaf cushion

    Finally (and very obviously), you can add green to your space by incorporating plants. You can step the game up by opting for biophilic design that aims to increase the connectivity between homes and nature.

    Top picks for houseplants include:

    • Peace Lily
    • Pothos
    • Philodendrons
    • Succulents

    Expensive Ways To Add Green To Your Home

    If you’re willing to invest a couple of bucks to introduce green to your space, here are some ideas you can try out:

    • Purchase green furniture pieces, such as a green accent sofa.
    • Install green cabinetry and/or backsplash to your kitchen.
    • Invest in high-end decor pieces that contain hues of green.

    Let Green Gleam!

    Green symbolises serenity, security, and rejuvenation — if you’re looking to add these elements to your space, don’t hesitate to toss in this refreshing colour to your interior! How will you incorporate green into your interior? Share with us in the comments below!

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