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Using Pink In Your Home - Why You Need It In Your Space + Fun Ways To Incorporate It

Being a positive shade and a sign of hope, the colour pink inspires comforting and warm feelings. Decorating with pink will give your space a stunning look and keep it cozy and casual. 

And if the fear of pink being “too childish” is keeping you from incorporating it into your decor — remember, that is not always true! There are tons of ways to add pink to your home while still keeping it stylish, sophisticated, and classy.

Dive into this blog to learn how to add pink to your home to give your space an attractive (and adult-friendly) look!

Benefits Of Using Pink In Your Home

Pink is known for soothing aggression and anger. This is because the colour represents tenderness and calms down emotional energies. Its soothing and aesthetically pleasing quality makes it perfect for different parts of your home, especially the bedroom and living room. 

Let's take a look at the various shades of pink and their benefits: 

  • Pink Carnation: Symbolises gratitude 
  • Baby Pink: Linked to sweetness and innocence 
  • Cerise Pink: A vivid, fun colour that represents partying and glamour
  • French Rose: Promotes passion and love
  • Lavender Pink: A cool colour that symbolises purity and devotion

How Pink Makes You Feel?

Subtle and pale shades of pink are seen as relaxing while bright, vibrant hues are believed to be stimulating.  As such, you can choose the shades best for your interior depending on the feeling you wish to invoke. The cherry on the cake? All shades of pink invoke feelings of joy and happiness! 

Additionally, pink exudes creative and artistic vibes. So, it can inspire creativity while you’re working on your next design project. Pink evokes euphoric and refreshing feelings, while also depicting care, nurturance, and affection.

Pink bedroom

How To Add Pink To Your Home

Pink radiates calming and soothing vibes, but how can you use it while decorating your home? Let’s take a look.

Inexpensive Ways of Adding Pink

Painting your walls pink is an easy and inexpensive way to add pink to your room. However, this may sometimes make the space look to feminine (and sometimes even childish). In that case, you can consider creating a pink accent wall. This will allow the colour to stand out without making it look overdone. 

If you want to incorporate pink into your bedroom, you can go for wallpaper. Patterned wallpapers, for example, can add a punch of the colour while also adding texture.

Zebra Print on Pink Wallpaper

Zebra Wall Print

Additionally, you can invest in fashionable pink wall art for great style and charm. This helps add grace and beauty to soulless and sterile walls.  

If you want to add pink in a subtle way, here’s what you can use:

  • Pink pillows and throws 
  • Neon pink signs 
  • Pink vases
  • Pink cushions 

The good part is that you can easily change these to upgrade the ambiance whenever you want!

Pink Peony Cushions on Purple Sofa

Pink Peony Cushion

Going for pink lighting, for example, rose gold lighting fixtures, is also a fun way to incorporate shades of pink. 

Expensive Ways To Add Pink

If you are convinced that pink is the colour you need in your home now and years down the lane, you can go for more expensive options too. For example:

  • Install pink cabinets for a more dramatic change
  • Use pink tiles in your bathroom
  • Invest in pink furniture, such as a pink sofa or a pink bed
  • Hang pink curtains and blinds 
Pink Sofa


If you want to give your house a gentler and softer impression by toning down darker hues (such as red), pink is the way to go! 

From adding this shade subtly through pink flowers to making it a focal point with pink furniture, you can easily incorporate elegance and finesse into your house with pink!

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