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Why is Cheerleading the perfect sport for young girls?

If you ask many people in the U.K. what cheerleading is, their first thought is pom pom's at the side of an American football match - how wrong they are!

Unless you know someone who is currently involved in cheerleading then you may be surprised to find out that cheerleading is growing rapidly in the U.K, in schools and in Allstar Cheerleading Clubs.

But it is not just the physical abilities that come with cheerleading, being part of a team can have a huge impact on their future - young girls especially.

A study completed in 2015 on 400 female executives found that 80% of female Fortune 500 company executives played competitive sport at one point in their lives.

Sadly, girls, less so than boys, seem to give up on team sport a lot earlier in their childhood.  In 2018, Sports and Fitness Industry Association found that girls aged 6-12 years plan to give up on physical activity much sooner than their male counterparts and only 31% of girls that age actually participated in sports to start with.

Girls are usually comfortable in starting something new if their friends are doing it.  With cheerleading being a team sport at many levels, there is plenty of opportunities for all abilities to take part.  There is also skill progression with long term goal setting which needs mental resilience, this gives the girls something to constantly work towards.  These are qualities that are needed in adult life.

One of the biggest plus factor for cheerleading is the trust and bond that comes with the stunt sequences.  If you are a flyer (the one being thrown in the air) or are a base (the one who throws the flyer)  the trust is real!  Life long friendships can be formed.


Cheerleading is about positive attitude and team spirit too.  If you have ever been to a competition to see cheer teams perform, you will know where I am coming from.  It's not called cheerleading for nothing!  All teams are encouraged to cheer their competitors on, and practise good sportsmanship in the event of being beaten.  You can't help but walk away with a smile on your face and wanting more.