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About Us

Cheernetic [cheer - neh - tic]

Making your home smile one cushion at a time! 

Hi, I'm Lisa.  This is me.  As you can see, I like cushions!

Cheernetic has been a few years in the making. A culmination of a Textile Art degree and my love of tactile home accessories & design have come together to create Cheernetic Cushions.

Being a full time mum can be challenging. Equal amounts of joy, fun, hard work and sometimes frustration. As the kids grew up and started to find what they were about, I realised I was being to forget who I was. I grew up in a creative environment all my life. My mum was (and is still!) a fine art painter, my dad can make anything you want from bits and bobs in his garage (and there are a lot of bits and bobs in his garage! haha). I realised I needed MY thing.

I have always loved the idea of useful art. Art and design that you can use rather than just clutter your space. It needs to be affordable, tactile and most importantly MAKE YOU SMILE!

Cheernetic specialises in printed cushions designs (and now prints too!) that are inspired by nature, animals, art and inspirational quotes promoting design, positivity, fun and colour. I love the multifunctionality of cushions. They can brighten your room, comfort you, make you smile, you can throw them at someone, hide behind them, sit on them, sleep with them, build dens from them or just look and admire them from afar.

I have always loved textiles and have always been drawn to colourful designs. I love unexpected designs on unconventional surfaces. I am on a mission to spread colour, fun, positive messages and great design one cushion at a time!

I have always had a love for travel and design and after I graduated with my degree - I travelled. South Africa and Cyprus being two of my favourites.

I am married to Jacques, a South African and my right hand man and we have 2 teenage children who are growing up way to fast!

Any questions or just to say hi - drop us an email at, I would love to hear your story.

Thanks for stopping by.

Lisa x